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Thursday, November 22nd 2018. | Lebenslauf
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By Moses Kyeyune

Margaret Kasule (BoU acknowledged counsel): Most of the acknowledged opinions were accustomed during affairs and afresh there were agreements on what should be done.

Abdu Katuntu (Cosase chairman): But there are no account for the said meetings.

Kasule: It is already accustomed by the axial coffer that no account were kept but decisions were implemented.

Katuntu: How do you argue us that there was acknowledged admonition aback we don’t see it, and afresh you pay these acknowledged fees for the assignment we can’t see?

Byandaala: (committee member): Why did they accomplish a aberration on accepting the outputs in writing?

Kasule: Aloof for admonition to this committee, there were attempts to acquire account but the affairs were so frequent. Bodies would airing from one affair to addition that it became actual difficult to acquire the minutes.

Okupa (committee member): In a meeting, bodies are not walking, they are built-in and that is aback account are written. The catechism is actual clear, can we acquire the acknowledged advice?

Kasule: Mr chairman, I don’t acquire any accounting acknowledged opinion.

Okupa: So how did you pay the acknowledged advisers? There are no minutes, there is no acknowledged advice, how did you compute the acknowledged fees?

Kasule: With attention to how we computed the fees, some of these fees were agreed and with attention to how they were agreed, I apperceive the Governor accustomed them.

Okupa: Afore the approval, how did you access at the figures? There charge be a blueprint and evidence.

Among (committee carnality chairperson): That is one of the affidavit why we asked for the acceding of advertence for those lawyers. What is it that they did that they adapted all that bulk ($251,045 or Shs923m).

Kasule: Mr chairman, for us not to decay time of this committee, we acquire the abstracts in which the acceding for MMAKs Advocates were laid out. There are two documents.

Okupa: Can you accord us the names of the documents.

Kasule: There is a announcement by the above controlling administrator for administration (Justine Bagyenda) to the Governor account the acceding of advertence and what was declared to be done.

Byandala: How can one actuality address these abstracts on account of BoU? This is a austere matter, you can’t aloof address things anyhow.

Katuntu: For the purposes of almanac from Mr Okupa’s question, there is no accounting acknowledged opinion, is that correct?

Kasule: Yes.

Katuntu: So we can’t catechize that any further, there isn’t any.

Among: Chairman, it is additionally in the almanac that there are no acceding of advertence because aback you attending at the letter which is here, the letter says we adduce to assignment with BoU alien lawyers, which is MMAKS Advocates, as transaction advisors.

Kasule: Mr chairman, there is addition document.

Okupa: If she has them, let her duke them over.

Kasule: The certificate is anachronous November 30, 2016, to the Governor from Ms Bagyeda. It is a appeal for the Governor’s endorsement of belletrist of assurance for and acquittal of able fees in account of casework undertaken by MMAKS Advocates, KPMG and PWC.

Katuntu: That is a bid.

Among: Madam Kasule, as a lawyer, are those acceding of reference? This looks to be a bid. These are two altered things.

Katuntu: Madam Kasule, that was a appeal for acquittal afterwards the assignment was purportedly executed. That cannot be acceding of reference. Acceding of advertence should be afore the assignment is executed, they are the acceding of engagement. So what we appropriate was the acceding of engagement.

Kasule: Mr chairman, this certificate says ‘request for Governors endorsement of belletrist of assurance and acquittal for.’ So it was requesting for endorsement and approval of acquittal for able fees.

Katuntu: For the assignment already executed?

Kasule: May be because I did not assurance this memo. I would appeal the above controlling administrator for administration (Bagyenda) to allege about it.

Bagyenda: Thank you chair, the documents, as read, had two requests; now according to the way we acclimated to address these memos, we requested the Governor to acquire payments and we additionally requested the Governor to endorse the belletrist of assurance which were attached.

Okupa: You were allurement for approval of acquittal whose assignment had already been done. How do you ask afresh for endorsement of belletrist of assurance aback the assignment has been executed?

Bagyenda: That was the convenance in the Coffer that you present the belletrist of engagement, which is advised by the acknowledging authority, and you additionally present the PLS.

Byandala: Why don’t you accord us the belletrist of engagement, aback you accredit to them in your letter?

Katuntu: From Mr Byandala’s question, aback was that letter of engagement, afterwards assignment had been able or before?

Bagyenda: The convenance was…

Katuntu: Aloof acknowledgment the question.

Bagyenda: I acquire to explain because…

Katuntu: Please, Madam Bagyenda, aloof acknowledgment the catechism afresh you will explain later.

Bagyenda: Mr chairman, afresh I will acquire to acquaint you that I charge to go and analysis when. I don’t bethink the dates.

Katuntu: Can you clarify, please?

Bagyenda: May I appeal that if I am beneath adjuration and I don’t bethink these dates, the questions are arch me into what was aboriginal or the other; I am not canonizing those dates and I am account a letter, may I request, Mr chair?

Katuntu: Do you think, logically, that you an affair the letter of assurance afterwards the assignment has been executed?

Bagyenda: That was the practice.

Byandala: You cannot accelerate there how payments are activity to be afore the adviser has accustomed your acceding of engagement. How can you acquire acceding of acquittal aback you acquire not accustomed what you are activity to do?

Bagyenda: It is because I apprehend bisected of the request. Can I apprehend what is absolutely independent in the letter?

Katuntu: It is your letter; you can advance so continued as what you apprehend answers the question.

Bagyenda: (reads) If I got the catechism correctly, as I apprehend in the request, final acquittal would be done aback the assignment is done. The abutting (MMAKS advocates) was affianced as transaction admiral who offered acknowledged casework accessible to abide accommodating in the aboriginal takeover activities and alike aggregate that was all-important for Crane Coffer resolution.

Okupa: So area is the letter of engagement?

Bagyenda: Mr chair, can I appeal that this letter be tabled because I am no best buried to coffer documents. Can I acquire a attending at the file?

Katuntu: We do not acquire the abstracts you want.

Anywar (committee member): I aloof capital to seek description from the controlling administrator for administration (Tumubweine Twinemanzi). Is it a convenance not to acquire minutes?

Twinemanzi: I don’t anticipate it is a convenance for any academy to acquire affairs afterwards minutes.

Katuntu: You bethink afore we bankrupt off for Christmas, we interrogated issues about records. The affair is that there are no records; it is now aloft us to anatomy a conclusion; there are no minutes, there are no records.

Kasibante (committee member): I would like to get it from the acknowledged counsel, these affairs afterwards minutes, did they acquire agenda? Did you sit to action any agenda?

Katuntu: Afterwards alike records, how would you apperceive that was their agenda?

Kasibante: So, afterwards an agenda, what were you doing? Were they breakfast meetings?

Katuntu: Mr Kasibante, the affair is that there are no records, let us not beat a asleep horse.

Among: We acquire heard it from the baton of appointment (Mr Twinemanzi) and the acknowledged admonition that there are no minutes, and if there are no minutes, can we move on to addition affair aback there are absolutely a cardinal of issues?

Katuntu: I advance we acquire interrogated that enough, so let us advance to addition question.

Kasibante: Mr Chairman, but for the acceptable of this committee, let Ms Bagyenda acquaint us whether the Governor absolutely honoured the appeal to endorse the belletrist of engagement.

Bagyenda: According to this document, the Governor put ‘approved.’

Katuntu: By the time you beatific the application for that money, was there any assignment that had been completed?

Bagyenda: Allow me allege to the abstracts that are in advanced of me anachronous November 28, 2016, addressed to acknowledged admonition on instructions we had accustomed to MMAKs as a transaction adviser. And we were saying, “instructions to admonish the pre-takeover date on the action of crane bank.”

We took over Crane Coffer on the October 20 2016, all the instructions are there and a fee was attached. In effect, the acquittal we fabricated was 70 per cent of the work.

Katuntu: Aloof acknowledgment the question, by the time you wrote the memo, is there any assignment that had been accomplished, and was there any balance attached?

Bagyenda: Yes, Mr chairman.

Katuntu: And that assignment absorbed was already account 70 per cent?

Bagyenda: No, I don’t bethink that.

Katuntu: How abundant money was actuality requisitioned in the invoice?

Bagyenda: You appetite to apperceive the amount?

Katuntu: Aback I say how much, afresh you ask whether I appetite to know…

Bagyenda: Two hundred fifty one thousand forty bristles US dollars ($251,045, about Shs923m).

Katuntu: Was that appeal paid?

Bagyenda: Yes.

Katuntu: I anticipate we abutting our case on that.

Brig Takirwa: I am abashed by the associates of that negotiating aggregation because in the aboriginal place, there was no acknowledged administrator on that team. Otherwise, account should acquire been able with a acknowledged assessment provided. So was the negotiations autonomous or you were affected to accommodated and appear up with whatever decisions you made? Secondly, why was there a blitz in the auction of the banks aback you were acquainted the action was not complete, and can we affirmation this money aback if the transaction was illegal?

Katuntu: The additional one will be a advocacy of the board afterwards we acquire analysed the facts.

Bagyenda: Mr chairman, may I afresh appeal to acquire these abstracts on MMAKs in my duke over envelope? There was MMAKS letter of engagement, there was a account akin acceding amid BoU and MMAKS.

Katuntu: I don’t acquire those documents, Mr Twinemanzi, area are the abstracts because Ms Bagyenda keeps apropos to them and we don’t acquire them.

Twinemanzi: What she refers to as a letter of assurance is the aforementioned certificate we acquire been account here.

Bagyenda: Tomorrow as we are advancing back, let them accompany this blanket apparent 11, area there was MMAKS belletrist of assurance for recoveries anachronous January 20, 2017; Service-level acceding amid BoU and MMAKS admission date January 16, 2017, and additionally this letter of assurance that was absorbed to this announcement to the Governor.

Katuntu: We do not acquire them here; they are not afore the committee.

So Mr Twinemanzi, you are hereby directed to appear actuality with those documents, absolutely appear with blanket 11.