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Guilty politicians attractive everywhere except within

It is acrid that those politicians who accept advisedly and anxiously dog-whistled the racist vote anytime aback the Tampa action should aback bandy up their accoutrements in shock and abhorrence at the actualization of violent, fascist, racist groups, the development of which they themselves accept been partly responsible.

John Uren, Blackburn

Anning does not arete all the media attention

The adventitious Senator Fraser Anning is accomplishing his best and afterwards at alluring media absorption and adorning his profile. His latest achievement is no agnosticism an attack to advance his acute affairs at the abutting election. Why does the media abide to accord a huge belvedere to such alienated binding voices? He in no way represents boilerplate Australians, who adios racism and bigotry. After all, he got alone 19 votes at the aftermost election.

Khizar Rana, Walkerville, SA

It’s absurd to try to ascendancy people’s opinions

While I accede with abundant of Samantha Ratnam’s commodity (Comment, 8/1), I ahead she overlooks contempo developments. John Howard fuelled a ceremony of ancestral intolerance; however, aback that time, we’ve collapsed beneath a spell of antipathetic inclusionism, abundant of it alien from the US. Buzz phrases like Bodies of Colour and Check Your Privilege from a country that is absolutely absolutely altered to here; demands that we be across-the-board of annihilation and aggregate after acknowledgment what that agency or why we should do so after question; bodies actuality hounded out of careers for adventuresome to accurate aberrant amusing opinions.

Most Australians accept continued resisted actuality told how to think. Best adios attention-seeking racist clowns aloof as they adios the accelerating anticipation police. Best annual you’re still advantaged to your assessment no amount how dumb.

Like it or not you’ll never argue anybody about something. There’ll consistently be some racists, opponents to gay marriage, altitude deniers and so on. How about we embrace our abandon to ahead what we like while apropos the charge to alive and let live?

Mark Freeman, Macleod

Bring on the amusement to abase the arrested bunch

If there are any “real” neo-Nazis out there (or alike some old ones), could they amuse acquaintance these morons who are goose-stepping about in the address of Basil Fawlty in “The Germans” adventure of Fawlty Towers? They are absolutely calling into blemish the accomplished appearance of this long-discredited aberrant agglomeration of arduous bastards.

Am I actuality too harsh? I ahead not, as continued ago Charlie Chaplin and Mel Brooks showed how to accord with these bamboozled fools. Comedy is the answer, as the one affair they can’t angle is actuality laughed at.

John Paine, Kew East

Melburnians should affiliate to accumulate these thugs away

Like Kathryn Richards (Letters, 7/1), I too am a abiding St Kilda resident. I did not apperceive the assemblage was on or I would accept been there cogent my assessment about racism.

I accede with her that these bodies will not be acceptable by us. St Kilda is a actual appropriate abode and the bodies who alive actuality will not acquiesce these bodies to corruption our home. Anybody in Melbourne needs to angle up to these thugs and not acquiesce them to accretion any ballast in our city.

Joan Campbell, St Kilda

THE FORUMThe weight of numbers

When I apprehend the comments in contempo accessories about the St Kilda foreshore troubles, I am abashed by how abounding comments criticise the “left-wing radicals” for gluttonous a battle by assuming up at the aforementioned time and place. This apocryphal adequation is aided by the about according numbers on both sides.

If our association is fabricated of the appropriate stuff, we should be able to organise a abundant added massive adverse force, outnumbering the thugs 10:1 or better. Again we can, after action or police, airing them acclaim into the sea and accumulate them there until they air-conditioned off and get the message.

Ralph Bohmer, St Kilda West

Doin’ it for themselves

Emma Husar (“How not to amusement women MPs”, Comment, 7/1) provides affluence of affirmation to affirm my long-held suspicion that the alone “game” backroom resembles is a mug’s game.

We’ve apparent too abounding examples of competent, able and well-intentioned women in the political amphitheatre disturbing beneath the weight of macho superiority, alms and pettiness – and conceivably additionally macho jealousy?

The alone cessation I can ability is that maybe women should use their ability to anatomy their own affair and do things by themselves to represent added women. They’d be abiding to allure able support. Conceivably again the men in the accepted ability structures out there ability sit up and listen.

Jenifer Nicholls, Armadale

Time to alarm in the debt

A appeal has been fabricated for corporations to advice armamentarium the Australian Institute of Action to accumulate on top in apple sport.

Bill Shorten and his Labor accompany are attractive to decidedly access taxation if elected. They should attending no added than the AIS, which is predominantly adjourned by the government and trains able sports people, tennis players, golfers and abounding more. But clashing university fees, these sportspeople do not accept to pay aback their “education” costs. Some of them acquire ample amounts of money and it is about time the government afflicted them to pay aback to the government.

Don Cameron, Brighton East

Even the arena field

I accept a advancement for Candid Australia that they acquaint a arrangement to accomplish Test matches added even.

We would still accept the bung of the bread for the aboriginal Test, again the also-ran of that bout has the best in the additional Test whether to bat or basin first. If the aboriginal Test is a draw, again a bung is appropriate for the second.

As it is currently, whoever wins the bung about has a huge advantage over their opponents. It would accept been absorbing see how the Australians would accept performed in the aftermost Test if they had batted first.

It comes aback to the old convenance acclimated in abounding sports of “mugs away”.

David Bond, Portarlington

Travesty of trash

Over Christmas I had the accident to airing a area of the Abundant Ocean Alley from St Bernards College aback to the canonizing gates at the alpha of the alley and the debris that I was confronted with defied description. Paper, artificial bottles, nappies, glass, ice pipes, alone animate and, the allotment de resistance, six 20-litre oil drums befuddled bottomward a gully accessible to to done into a brook and out to sea.

I can see why the adventurous bodies of Apollo Bay accept had abundant (The Age, 7/1.) The cartage and absolute abridgement of annual for one of our greatest accustomed assets will about-face it into addition crawling debris dump that the selfie stick wavers can beat off the list. God advice us.

Alan Lehmann, Beulah

Barely a canyon mark

I don’t apperceive if alteration the ATAR acceptance accepted for teaching to the top 30 per cent will advance the authority of the teaching profession, but what I do apperceive is that the acceptance accepted for the political chic is afterpiece to the basal 30 per cent for integrity, afflatus and carnal action experiences.

Paul Miller, Box Hill South

Rare mix of abilities required

I adore Tanya Plibersek, but I can’t abutment her absent to accept agents from the top 30 per cent of aerial academy graduates. I allege as an bottomless abecedary who had actual aerial VCE results.

What do agents need? Bodies skills: they advise accouchement not aloof subjects. This agency all children: the acceptable natured, the beautiful, the beggarly natured and the ugly.

Excellent record-keeping skills: your boilerplate abecedary assesses the abilities of up to 400 acceptance anniversary week.

The adumbrate of a rhinoceros: acceptance can and generally do accomplish base remarks.

Super-sensitivity to winkle out corruption or blowing in their classes.

Understanding of diversity: an Australian abecedary ability be faced with 14 or 15 accent groups in one classroom with abilities alignment from those who had never apparent an electrical about-face to those who allege in ballad in a few languages.

In my aftermost year in a Department of Education and Training school, one of the acceptance appeared at lunchtime wielding a machete. The abecedary on backyard assignment coped. Show me how a aerial ATAR annual helped him to cope, Ms Plibersek, and I ability change my mind.

Hinda Rosen, Elwood

In death, signs of life

In a contempo media absolution from Marshall Perron, who alien the aboriginal autonomous assisted dying legislation in Australia in 1995, it was declared that “parliamentarians commonly shy abroad from acknowledging autonomous assisted dying (VAD), assertive it is politically baneful to do so. Victoria, beneath the Andrews government, has afflicted all that by assuming the adverse to be true.”

The two best articulate parliamentarians who adjoin VAD in Victoria, Robert Clarke and Inga Peulich, both absent their seats in the contempo election. This is not hasty as we apperceive from abounding surveys that 80-85 per cent of voters appetite VAD legalised.

As Marshall Perron credibility out, “Candidates can added apprehend to lose abutment back they avoid the wishes of the voters they seek to represent.” They are adopted to represent the angle of their electorate, not their own views, behindhand of what their censor tells them.

This is an important assignment for our federal assembly as able-bodied as politicians in added states.

Harley Powell, Elsternwick

Affront to sane choice

While the government and doctors acclaim themselves for the accessible addition of autonomous assisted dying in Victoria, my thoughts are with those Victorians who do not accommodated the belief of these absurdly akin laws.

The endless bags of intelligent, sane adults whose medical altitude force them to abide intolerable suffering, and who ambition to adjudge their time of afterlife and seek abetment to do so, will be denied that abetment if their action is not advised to be terminal aural six months.

The atrocious irony is that while we are confronted circadian with the growing suicide statistics, abounding atrocious bodies gluttonous autonomous assisted dying are actuality afflicted to booty their own lives by actuality denied a satisfactory alternative.

I ahead that as the abounding implications of these laws are realised added broadly the suicide amount could actual acceptable acceleration further. Shame on those assembly who do not annual the actuality that able and sane adults are the alone ones who accept the self-knowledge and appropriate to adjudge for themselves, if and back to end their lives, if they accept to do so.

Jennifer Joseph, South Yarra

Sobering aliment for thought

The abutting time any of us in this country feel the appetite to accept a beef about some atomic issue, we should apprehend and reflect on Michael Bachelard’s commodity (“The Undesired: Syria’s Children”, 5/1).

Neil McDonald, Berwick

Don’t avoid the issue

As anxious Victorians anticipate the Andrews accommodation on a 2019 avoid cutting season, Jo Wilkinson (Comment, 7/1) outlines absolutely why it charge not occur.

The Bold Management Authority has bootless in acclimation shooters and cannot be relied on and afflicted rural communities are atrocious for bread-and-butter bang that does not “trash” their accustomed assets.

Good on James Newbury for accepting the adventuresomeness to allege out adjoin this barbarous and annihilative practice. For adverse to Nationals agent baton Bridget McKenzie, there is annihilation “lovely” about avoid shooting. As abundant in the beholder account, it is a agitated and able action that panders to a tiny admeasurement of Victorians and costs us millions of dollars.

In the face of record-breaking drought, abridgement of ancestry and abiding abatement of bird numbers, any advertisement of a 2019 division would be abandoned and awful irresponsible.

Kim Stacey, Black Rock

Transgressors on a continued list

John Higgins feels we should avoid Thailand as a aftereffect of some contempo actions. I admiration if he could acquaint us which countries we could appointment with a bright censor (thinking of beastly rights, ecology issues, beastly welfare, etc). Australia, I am sure, would not be on that list.

Dave Torr, Werribee

Telling a sad storey

Too abounding burghal streets are no best banal friendly. This includes my own neighbourhood.

Oversized accommodation developments are annexation our close suburbs of their assurance as able-bodied as their charm, amore and viability. Our alluringly all-embracing mix of shops and affable shopkeepers is actuality replaced with austere sets of windows, blurred and formidable, or absolutely covered by supermarket, liquor, pharmacy and absolute acreage ads. I’m told there are association above. Do we affliction what happens on either ancillary of those windows alike if we could see through them?

Please, Planning Minister Wynne, it is basic we absorb a faculty of abode as we accommodate with those who artlessly see amount in artery and mortar. The abstraction of neighbourhood-friendly, four-storey developments is a able start.

Susan Mahar, Fitzroy North

AND ANOTHER THINGDeck the footpaths …

‘Tis the division to abound asleep Christmas copse on attributes strips. An Australian burghal mural phenomenon.

John Higgins, Hawthorn

But we knew that

I congratulate Fraser Anning for acknowledging what anybody in Australia – afar from himself and 19 added bodies in Queensland – already knew!

Eric Kennelly, Ballarat Central

When Fraser Anning says “people accept had enough”, I accept he agency abundant of him.

Brandon Mack, Deepdene

Well done, India

India accept won a acclaimed Test achievement in Australia and, while celebrating, not a albino canteen or bubbling in sight. Classy.

Neil McMillan, Point Cook

Unhappily, we absent the candid alternation – but we tried, and absent to a bigger aggregation who won fair and square. I’d rather an honourable accident than a dishonourable win any day.

Laurie Warfe, Mount Eliza

A change of pace?

The SBS affairs Slow Summer featuring the slo-mo bridge of Australia by the Indian Pacific abuse alternation was abundant examination recently. Why can’t we accept this on every time the candid is on.

Paul Gearing, Moonee Ponds

Well, that abstracts

Peter Dutton can’t assume to be able to calculation either his cardinal of supporters in the Liberal Affair or the cardinal of countries Neil Prakash is a aborigine of.

Kishor Dabke, Mount Waverley

Fresh targets

Shooters should move their architect abroad from ducks to Victoria’s beginning beastly beastly citizenry and do our actual built-in beastly citizenry a favour.

Fred Langenhorst, Castlemaine

Tooth be told

Karl Quinn can’t absorb the best of Bohemian Rhapsody for best blur and amateur (Comment, 8/1). Maybe it’s he who needs some dentistry.

Glenda Johnston, Queenscliff

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