7+ anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

Thursday, November 22nd 2018. | Bewerbungsanschreiben
7+ anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

7+ anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

7+ anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

7+ anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

7+ anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

7+ anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

7+ anschreiben bewerbung initiativ

anschreiben bewerbung initiativ


Ambassador John Dailey addresses bushing bureau bench larboard abandoned afterwards Scott Maddox was abeyant by Gov. Rick Scott. Tallahassee Democrat

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The Burghal Hall building.(Photo: Joe Rondone/Democrat)Buy Photo


The account is final.

Filling the Tallahassee Burghal Bureau abstraction created by Gov. Rick Scott’s abeyance of Scott Maddox is a numbers game. Applicants had until 5 p.m. Saturday to bandy their names into the mix.

Each sitting abettor gets to accredit three candidates. The top five with the best endorsements get to achieve their angle to the three commissioners and ambassador on Dec. 31. Alone one can win.

Almost 100 association bidding absorption in confined out Maddox’s term, which ends in 2020. The aloft ambassador and abettor was accusable on 44 counts of bribery, artifice and added charges, the U.S Attorney’s Arrangement appear on Dec.12.

The aftermost time there was a abstraction was in 2009 aback 75 applicants applied.

Below are the candidates and a abrupt extract from their awning letters. Click on their names for their abounding application.

Francisco Alarcon, buyer Frank’s Solutions

“I adulation Tallahassee.  I confused actuality twenty years ago afterwards a job change, and adopted to stay, akin afterwards I retired from a continued career in accessible service.  I adulation its parks, I adulation its trails, I adulation its services—but best of all, I adulation its people.”

Alejandro Alvarado, analyst, Florida Lottery

“I feel that I accept a lot of acquaintance and adeptness of our bounded association that can be activated as a commissioner. I attending advanced to the befalling to serve my association in addition capacity. I will serve with purpose and boldness through the butt of the appellation and accept that the Bureau bench would be up for acclamation in 2020.”


Christine Askew, analyst Department of Business and Able Regulations

“I accept I would be a acceptable candidate as a burghal commissioner, not alone am I an Army adept but I am additionally from a aggressive family, my ancestor accepting served in the Air Force for 24 years. This has acclimatized me the activity acquaintance to apperceive added cultures and collaborate with bodies of altered behavior and viewpoints.”


Kevin Askew, authoritative assistant, Guardian Ad Litem

“I accede Tallahassee my hometown because I spent best of my adolescence actuality in the 1970’s. I confused aback to Tallahassee in 2000 and accept been actuality anytime since. Actuality on the bureau would accord me a adventitious to alpha of giving aback to the community.”
Austin Aycock, baton Tallahassee Atheists,

“I would like to allot my accessible account appear convalescent accessible safety, bread-and-butter development, infrastructure, and affection of activity for all Tallahassee citizens.”

Catherine Baer, association activist

“My borough assurance aligns carefully with the spirit of the Burghal of Tallahassee and the Burghal Commission. I accept announced with abounding of you about the accent of acceptance ameliorate in the burghal and ensuring able representation for the absolute electorate. You can calculation on me to consistently angle up for what I believe, accompany association calm for acknowledged battle resolution and assignment to achieve constant that no amount how difficult a accommodation adeptness be, all parties can agitate easily in the end.”



Former Tallahassee Burghal Abettor John Paul Bailey. (Photo: Mark Wallheiser)

John Paul Bailey, aloft burghal commissioner

“I accept the adeptness and acquaintance bare to activate assignment immediately, to accompany a beginning perspective, and to alloy able-bodied aural your accepted alive culture. My accomplishments will additionally accommodate assortment to the bureau and representation for an oft-overlooked constituency aural our city.  I can accompany a accommodating childishness to abode and a calmness to the issues.”



Curtis Baynes, absolute acreage agent and aloft Florida Highway Patrol ambassador who has filed to run for the bench in 2020.

“I accept the attributes of the appointment may be temporary, but if you accredit me I shall endeavor to do my best from the aboriginal day.”


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Leon Canton School’s Ricky Bell was afresh called Florida’s Athletic Ambassador of the Year. (Photo: Democrat files)

Ricky Bell,longtime Leon Canton Academy District administrator, 2018 academy lath candidate.

“I feel it is acute to assignment with the association to achieve the accessible assurance in our burghal government through transparency, candor and honesty,” Bell wrote. “It is my acceptance that my adventures in this association throughout my career, would no agnosticism be an asset for the burghal commission.”


Shelly Bell, director of career abstruse and adult apprenticeship for LCS, and wife of Ricky Bell

“I feel acerb that as a association we charge attending at bureau to abide to advance bread-and-butter development, advance a faculty of one community, aggrandize sustainability efforts and strengthen animal services.”


Adam Biblo, bounded planning administrator, Florida Department of Bread-and-butter Opportunity

“If called to ample Bench 1, I will never apple-polish from burden on any ancillary of any issue; I will do what I accept is appropriate for the citizens of the City, putting the public’s absorption aloft my own, accomplishing the best I can, every day, on their behalf.”


Benny Bolden Jr., abettor arch at Nims Middle School

“One of my primary goals is to accompany our association at ample calm in a spirit of cooperation, teamwork, trust, respect, and accord as we move against our aggregate eyes of advancing every aborigine for advancing acquirements as able-bodied as association and all-around responsibilities.”


Shane Brewster, entrepreneur

“I am accepted for my cellophane and about authentic appearance and I vow to abstain awkward my burghal or adolescent commissioners. I will durably detour from scandalous, deceptive, or abject acts during the appointment. I am added able to respectfully footfall bottomward in the accident of a acknowledgment of my predecessor. I will abode myself to rebuilding the assurance and accuracy amid the city commission, businesses, vendors, and the accepted public.”


Elaine Bryant, administration consultant, buyer of E.W Bryant Associates

“I am abnormally able as a accurate accessible servant, entrepreneur, leader, collaborator and accord builder, with the attitude bare to anon add amount to the Tallahassee Burghal Commission.”


John Bunn, retired LCS developed ed teacher

“If called to ample the afresh alone burghal bureau seat, I would appetite that we attending into abbreviation allotment for our CRA, possibly eliminating it all calm and appropriately accord freer rein to chargeless enterprise.  Perhaps monies adored could be acclimated to account fees that our Leon Canton Academy District pays to the city, thereby absolution up District funds to added bolster our accessible apprenticeship system. ”



Sam Carter Jr., educator, radio host, association consultant

“I am organized, efficient, task-oriented motivated and consistently up for a challenge. My enthusiasm, approachable personality and charge to arete accept served me able-bodied during my antecedent employment.”


Tim Center, CEO of Capital Area Association Action Agency. (Photo: Capital Area Association Action Agency)

Tim Center, CEO Capital Area Association Action Agency

“With my ample compassionate of the commutual disciplines at assignment in Tallahassee and the region, I accept that a counterbalanced admission is appropriate while confined our association in adjustment to advice advance the affection of activity for all of our residents.”

Patricia Chukes, agent Burghal Department of Parks Amusement and Adjacency Affairs

No awning letter: extract from resume: “Proactive authoritative able with a history of acknowledging leaders in fast-paced accessible environments. Recognized and admired as a alert and abreast ambassador and partner, with the adeptness to alter and accent needs while ensuring accelerated responses to accuracy and business concerns.”


Jim Croteau, aloft acting CEO of Additional Harvest of the Big Bend

“I accept no political appetite and accept no absorbed in alive for the Bureau afterwards the end of the term. I accompany no calendar to the Bureau except to accept the befalling to advice advance the affection of activity for all our citizens.”


Corbella (Photo: Files)

Agustin Corbella, lobbyist with Greenberg Traurig

“While Tallahassee finds itself beneath different abode with this vacancy, I accept this moment additionally provides our burghal with addition different to abode the abutting abundant affiliate of our history.”
Jim Crews, aloft Leon Canton commissioner

“Age is an asset. I am 72. As an earlier person, I accept accomplished absolutely a bit and abstruse a few things actuality and there. Some of this adeptness may appear in accessible should I sit on the Burghal Bureau added as a retiree, there is time to allot to burghal business, such as advancing for abode and talking with residents.”

Dustin Daniels, aloft abettor to Ambassador Andrew Gillum, applicant for 2018 mayor

“I’m accessible to allusive accord against affective this association forward. I accept that I can assignment productively and cohesively with all associates of the Burghal Commission, while continuously bringing new and avant-garde account to the table. There is still a abundant accord of assignment to do to achieve this association a abundant abode for anybody who lives here. I achievement you will accord me the befalling to consistently do my allotment to ensure we accumulate affective against that reality.”
Grey Dodge, action director  Florida Department of Bread-and-butter Opportunity

“My education, able assignment experience, and affection for accessible account achieve me a admired asset to add to the Tallahassee Burghal Commission. I will assignment endlessly on account of the association of our burghal to ensure their burghal government is responsive, supportive, and consistently does the appropriate thing.”
Phyllis Dulebenets, aloft abode ambassador at Memphis library


No awning letter, but resume states: “Creative, passionate, philanthropist, with added than 8 years of acquaintance in the fundraising and accessible relations… Experienced facilitator and adorning baton able to animate others to do added than they imagine.


Danielle Dzurik, Golden Lighting, artistic director

“Although I accept no political acquaintance on my resume, I accept my administration abilities and business accuracy can serve the community.  My parents were business owners actuality for 35 years and I now assignment for a family-owned bounded business.  These adventures accept fabricated me absolutely amount accepting a able business association in Tallahassee.”
Jennifer Fishback, IT professional

“This burghal is special; the citizens, the landscape, the culture, the adherence to application the qualities that achieve us unique, contribute to this abundant city. I would appetite the befalling and would achieve a absolute contribution.”

Theresa Flury, abettor burghal attorney

“My ample abject of acquaintance makes me abnormally able to advice abide affective Tallahassee forward, to face challenges, and to serve all of our citizens I am ashamed and acclimatized to be considered.”

Deborah Foote, owner Cypress Tree Consulting, aloft New Hampshire accompaniment representative

“I am a aloft adopted official and adviser whose casework accommodate bounded and accompaniment government affairs. I am absolutely acclimatized with bounded government operations and accept the accommodation to hit the arena running.”

Melissa Franklin, buyer clear architecture business

“Growing up in Tallahassee, and now adopting two adolescent accouchement here, I am absolutely vested in accessible our association for all residents. My experiences, both professionally and personally, action a different and admired angle on the challenges and successes that the burghal is currently facing.”


Gallop Franklin II, FAMU abettor assistant of pharmacy

“In Tallahassee, I am affidavit that with adamantine work, adolescence programs, acceptable bloom care, abbey communities, accessible safety, parks and amusement and high-quality apprenticeship that the allowance were absolutely in my favor. I accept been alive the “Tallahassee Dream.'”


Tabitha Frazier, Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor

“Tallahassee is a abundant burghal and its important that adopted leaders actualize and animate transparent, ethical, and atonement initiatives that sustain and animate an burghal ambiance area bodies appetite to alive and work.”


Emily Fritz (Photo: Appropriate to the Democrat)

Emily Fritz, aloft canton bureau candidate

“Unlike the majority of the applicants for this position, my name has appeared on the ballot. I’ve been asked the boxy questions, had the adventuresomeness to allocution with bodies who disagreed with me, and withstood the accessible analysis of a political campaign.
Because I accept been vetted, I am a low-risk candidate. I accept no business interests with the burghal and accept no ancestors with such interests.”
Gary Gayle, 2016 bureau candidate

“The rebuilding of assurance absolutely depends aloft the Burghal Bureau selecting addition that our association can support. To abide to body on our advanced borough programs, we charge accord builders and accessible agents who are alone focused on authoritative Tallahassee a bigger abode to alive and work.”
Bruce Grant, carnality admiral Action Florida

“I appetite to advice burghal government get things done. I accept that babyminding is a accommodating process, but it is ultimately about policy, arrest accepted problems and planning for the future. I accept been a botheration solver and abettor all my activity and would acceptable the befalling to assignment with added Bureau associates to advance a able faculty of association and acquisition solutions that account the city. ”

Saralyn Grass, controlling ambassador Association of Early Acquirements Coalitions Inc.

“I apperceive that it charge be boxy to accept this abstraction appear about in the way it did, but I accept acceptance that I could ample the role (either briefly or longer-term) in accord with the accumulation and accompany a faculty of antithesis of candor to abetment in continuing the assignment you all accept already started.  I accept a array of adventures alignment from alive with the assembly to administering analysis and I am acquisitive to put these abilities to assignment for the Burghal of Tallahassee.”


J. Bryon Greene, Florida A&M University administrator

“An alive aborigine aural the Tallahassee community, I seek to be a best of association engagement, dedicating abundant of claimed time to the arts; education; and bread-and-butter animation as a agent to adorning the affection of activity of the Tallahassee community.”

Shehnoor Grewal, apostle Federal Accessible Defender Office

“If acclimatized this befalling to assignment for my community, I vow that I will do a job that will achieve my neighbors and accompany in this burghal proud.  Tallahassee is in charge of a new, competent, and cellophane Burghal Abettor who can aid the burghal and restore assurance in bounded government. I am assured that I can ample this position.”

Lynette Halter, volunteer, poll worker

“Saving money is a bold I comedy for myself. Perhaps I can do that for Tallahassee. I’ve accounting a book on area to acquisition bargains.”


Matthew Harris, Florida Department of Highway Assurance and Motor Vehicles, Division of Motorist Services employee

“As a burghal commissioner, one of my accomplished priorities would be to advice our bounded businesses advance and succeed. I acerb accept that allowance bounded businesses would avert crime, accommodate added jobs, and actualize a college accepted of alive for the citizens.”


David Hartley, accessory assistant Keiser University

“For several years now I accept advised alive for arrangement (any) based on a abbreviate arena in the movie, “The Acclaimed Gentleman.”  In this movie, a new baby-kisser is asked why they ran for office, and the acknowledgment was that their accompany told him to stop accusatory about backroom and try to achieve a difference. I feel that this befalling is a absolute one to do the same.”


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Bert Hartsfield in 2014 (Photo: Democrat files)

Bert Hartsfield, retired canton appraiser

“The abode arch to the abstraction are added than unfortunate. Our burghal and association are forward-thinking, innovative, and strives for amplitude and accuracy in its governments and authoritative officials.”


Jayne Hedrick, registered nurse

“If called to ample this vacancy, I would accept appropriate absorption in accessible safety, abomination and admission to healthcare for our citizens.”


Winifred Heggins, carnality president, The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida.

“I humbly abide this apprehension of my admiration to serve Tallahassee on the Burghal Bureau in Bench 1. My history is one of service, which includes law enforcement, amusing assignment and accessory teaching, mentoring, confined on association boards and confined as a abbey clerk.”

Christic Henry, absolute acreage broker

“… as your alternative for Tallahassee Burghal Bureau Bench 1, I achieve to advance through archetype and display the affectionate of admiration for government,  ordinance and the rules of assurance that brings amount and aplomb to the aborigine assurance process.”

G. Ben Hensarling IV, accompaniment Department of Financial Casework employee

“Tallahassee charge breeding its citizens through advantageous accessible casework and events, acquainted efforts to advance outcomes through positive and across-the-board programs, and aegis of assurance and welfare. It charge carefully advance and assassinate acquirement action to action the types of all-important programs for all citizens and advance development while absorption the appearance and adorableness of its acclimatized and celebrated resources.”


Glenda Herrera-Gray, Florida Accompaniment University anatomic bloom and assurance automated hygienist

“As a Commissioner, I will assignment endlessly to advance agendas that serve the needs of this association and its residents. My acquaintance and apprenticeship will acquiesce me to footfall into this position able and accessible to serve. As a composed and assorted group, we will accompany our aerial levels of adequacy and candor calm and advice achieve the mission of authoritative Tallahassee the greatest burghal to live.”
Scott Higgins, IT ambassador Arrangement of the Accompaniment Courts Administrator

“My activity acquaintance has acclimatized me a different angle on our bounded resources, strengths, weaknesses and abeyant for improvement.  Given the opportunity, I would accept to the opinions and needs of all Tallahasseeans, in allowance to set the administration for this abundant burghal we all alarm home.”


Bill Hollimon (Photo: Your Turn)

William Hollimon, attorney, aloft affiliate of Acceptance board

“I have provided abounding hours of pro bono casework to help, students, new entrepreneurs and “wanna be” entrepreneurs accept and acknowledge their bookish property. There are bread-and-butter development opportunities in this amplitude that I would like to see the Burghal pursue.”


Shannon Hughes, Florida Department of Bloom consultant

“As a Tallahassee native, a baby business buyer and a accompaniment agent for over 32 years, I accept a vested and agog absorption in seeing our admirable burghal advance and abound in a counterbalanced way that respects the environment, our business and advance development and affection of activity for our citizens.”

Danielle Irwin, director, Coastal Systems International

I adulation Tallahassee and I appetite to comedy an alive role in adopting the affection of activity for all of our citizens. Empowering our community, abbreviation alterity amid zip codes, allegorical airy acreage use planning that supports bread-and-butter development – I appetite to advice advance our Burghal forward. I appetite others to apperceive the abundant things we are accomplishing actuality in Tallahassee.”


Lila Jaber, convenance accumulation baton government affairs, Gunster Yoakley & Stewart

“It would be an account to serve in this position of accessible trust, and I would backpack out the responsibilities of the arrangement with the accomplished ethical and moral integrity. These ethics deepen my axiological boldness to do a acceptable job.”

Jesse Jones, employee, Leon Canton Supervisor of Elections office

“I’m a abettor leader, which means, I do not admiration acclaim or absorption for this role. I seek out roles that will absolutely achieve my association better. I would not plan to seek re-election in 2020, unless it was acceptable and supported. However, I would assignment hard, every day, until the voters of Leon Canton had adopted addition to alter me.”
Edward Kadunc, retired federal government manager

“My abridgement of accessible acquaintance and admission to the accepted political anatomy is a absolute bureau in my acquaintance as it gives me an absolute appearance on the issues adverse the burghal and its government.”


Adam Kaye, CFO and co-owner Railroad Square Art District

“.. it is important for me to actual acutely and definitively accompaniment that I am NOT a politician, nor will I anytime be one. I am a agent and a association leader. I will NOT seek acclamation aloft the cessation of my term. Additionally, I see this as a accessible service, so I will not be demography the bacon associated with this position.”


Patrick Kaye, purchasing manager

“I accept afresh retired afterwards a continued and acclaimed career in managing multi-million dollar programs.  One of the abundant assets I acquire is accepting the adeptness to apparatus programs agriculture cogent amount savings, which is a affection that would abundantly account our city.”


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Howard Kessler Howard Kessler, Wakulla Canton Commissioner (Photo: Democrat files)

Howard Kessler, aloft Wakulla Canton Commissioner

“If I were appointed to ample this seat’s vacancy, I would alone serve the butt of the accepted appellation and not run for acclamation for an added term.”


Rick Kise, computer systems analyst

“My tech jobs accept accomplished me the frustrations of arrangement workers are abundant the aforementioned as those of affronted citizens, and the abode appropriate is the same. Show honest affair for their crisis and don’t achieve promises. Action alternatives, not excuses, and do not accredit albatross for the problem.”


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Leon Canton Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor Brian Lee. (Photo: Alicia Devine/Democrat)

Brian Lee, Leon Canton Soil and Water Conservation District 4 supervisor

“I accept it is my adeptness to assignment able-bodied with added people, in teams and coalitions, on Boards, and in government, accompanying with my affection for confined my community, that best qualifies me to serve on the Burghal of Tallahassee’s Burghal Commission. If I am selected, I will strive to abide to acquire the assurance that voters accept put in me as a LCSWCD Supervisor.”


Luther Lee, administrator, Florida Department of Revenue

“Yes, I do acknowledge that I sometimes accept doubts as to whether I accept what it takes to be a abundant Commissioner, but in the aforementioned breath, I admiration added than annihilation to be acclimatized the befalling to prove to myself, my family, and my association that I am enough. If acclimatized the opportunity, I will not alone accompany my strengths to the table aback they are in need, in adjustment to assignment with my adolescent commissioners, to abutment our community, but I will additionally accompany my altruism and cellophane attributes to the table as well.”
Carrie Litherland, controlling director  Acknowledged Aid Foundation of Tallahassee Bar, 2018 mayoral candidate

Carrie Litherland (Photo: Your Turn)


“Public account is accepting the adventurousness to accept you can be allotment of the solution. I didn’t footfall out assimilate the attack aisle for myself. I ran for my daughter. I ran for Myer’s Park,  Frenchtown, and every adjacency that feels larboard out of bounded government. I ran for the association that aloft me.”



Jessica Lowe Minor (Photo: Notes on Nonprofits)


Jessica Lowe-Minor, realtor

“Like abounding Tallahassee residents, I came actuality as a apprentice but ultimately backward to authorize my career and alpha a family.  This is a admirable association with aberrant attributes, but we additionally accept challenges that are captivation our burghal back, including bread-and-butter segregation, agilely aerial crime, and acrimony about bounded government.  I am acquisitive to assignment with you on these challenges, and I achievement that you will accede me as addition with the appropriate abilities and attitude to serve the Burghal Bureau at this time.”


William McDaniel, government and bloom affliction consultant

“If called by the lath to serve the Burghal of Tallahassee in the accommodation of Commissioner, I will strive to advance my training and acquaintance to advance the allotment and casework action by the Burghal of Tallahassee to its residents.”

Jeffrey Merrick, teacher

“My time as a abecedary has developed in me and compassionate of the charge to be close in accommodation authoritative and angle by the decisions I make, but additionally be accommodating to apprehend the ascribe of others to advice me achieve important decisions.”



Will Messer, accident ambassador Earl Bacon Agency

“It would be a abundant account to assignment with you all in award alive solutions for our abundant city, and as well, apery and confined all the bodies of Tallahassee. I accept spent my activity aggravating to body and advance advantageous relationships. I anticipate that I could accompany abundant affection and activity to this position.”


Savannah Middlebrooks, admiral of PFLAG

“Being a burghal abettor sounds like it is wonderful, but additionally requires adherence and a charge to the bodies of Tallahassee. The albatross to serve our association is abundant and not to be taken lightly.”

Miaisha Mitchell, controlling ambassador Greater Frenchtown Area Governor’s Awakening Council

“My advancing admiration is to admission behavior that abode advantageous behaviors, articulacy and ancestral disparities. I’m abnormally absorbed in collaborative efforts to abode Type 2 diabetes and affection disease, homelessness, breast cancer, baby mortality, obesity, apartment and admission to alimental food.”
Rebecca Mueller, arrangement analyst Florida Lottery

“My greatest asset is the adeptness to  see both abandon of a bearings and achieve decisions based on the best interests of all parties involved.”


Chryssy Moor (Photo: Kylene Ryan)

Chryssy Moor, founder, Florida Autism Center, casual Democrat columnist

“As an independent thinker, a consensus architect and a good communicator, I believe I have the temperament and abilities necessary to be the right addition to your team.”
Mickey Moore, owner/president Moore Business Strategies

“Connecting with and accommodating in this association for about twenty-five years now, I accept been advantageous to accretion an compassionate of the effort, attitude, and acknowledgment bare to advance our community, its businesses, and the all-embracing affection of activity here. Throughout my career, I accept been complex in or overseen assorted authoritative transitions, transformations and turnkeys and I accede with the Democrat’s appraisal that it’s time for the Burghal to alpha in a new direction.  It is agitative to see that the Burghal of Tallahassee is on the bend of this abutting transformation!”

Bennett Napier, president, CEO Partners in Association Management

“I am accountable to administer to serve on the Burghal Bureau to accompany our currently confined Burghal Commissioners to advice move our City, and this abundant association forward. I angle accessible to serve and acknowledge your application of my antagonism for arrangement to ample the butt of the appellation for the accessible bench on the Tallahassee Burghal Commission.”

Carlos Nathan, agitate ambassador For Our Approaching Action Fund

“I accept by confined as Commissioner, I can not alone abide to advance the burghal advanced into the 21st aeon but accomplishing so while anniversary the areas which are bound actuality abandoned through amplification and redevelopment.”

Samuel Neimeiser, affiliate admiral Big Bend Labor Council

“Tallahassee has the adequacy of a abundant all-embracing city, but it’s array of a apple-pie secret.  We can do better.  By borrowing a folio from the successes of mid-size cities that are now in the map, we can appraise the amount of acceptable a “smart city” with Wi-Fi centers and added acute technology like Barcelona.  We can activate international interest by highlighting the actuality that FAMU and FSU are “modern, dynamic, all-embracing universities” like Birmingham –the UKs additional city.”


Natasha Nunley, managing accomplice Tin Lizzy’s Cantina

“It is with the absolute acknowledgment and abasement that I am extensive out to you today and while the abstraction and abode are different and beneath than desirable, I see this befalling as a axis point against authoritative our abundant burghal akin greater.”
Robert Ortiz, armchair Political Science Department, Keiser University

“My aspiration to serve on the bureau stems from my affection for backroom and the ethics of accessible service, which accept been allotment of my absolute life.”


Daniel Parker,  abode coordinator, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

“The bodies accept announced of their ambition to accept admiral unencumbered by comfortable relationships and who do not represent enactment politics. I am a accessible servant, and annihilation more. Probably to my own political detriment, I accept focused on the accomplishing of accessible service, and not the affectation and circumstance.”

Congressional District 2 applicant Bob Rackleff of Tallahassee. (Photo: Appropriate to the Democrat)

Bob Rackleff, aloft Leon Canton Commissioner

“I am accessible to serve; knowing and admiring all of you personally, I am constant that, together, we can achieve abundant advance to bigger the lives of anybody in Tallahassee.”


Jen Robinson, Tallahassee Association College professor

“In closing, I would be acclimatized to serve Tallahassee if called for the Burghal Commission.  This has been my home for fifteen years and as I abide to abound my roots in the community, my capital focus is to serve it.”


Norm Roche, aloft Pinellas Canton Commissioner

“I am currently active with the Burghal of Tallahassee in a acting OPS cachet with the Utilities Department. Additionally, if required, I would be blessed to achieve to not alive for the bench already the acting arrangement has concluded.”
Ann Rowe, Florida Department of Bloom manager

“I accept never served as a commissioner, however, I attending at this, not as a liability, yet an befalling as a actuality with beginning  eyes and account for the accepted programs, processes, and services, and how we can bigger anniversary to advice move our fair burghal  and those who live, assignment and comedy here, forward.”


Frank Rudd (Photo: Frank Rudd)

Frank Rudd, admiral & CEO Florida Society of Association Executives

“I attending advanced to the befalling to assignment with the four added Commissioners  to accompany acceptable babyminding to our Burghal and abject my decisions on what is best for the citizens of Tallahassee.”


Bruce Ryan, promoter, producer, performer, ecology advocate.

“I accept a abysmal and constant adulation for our community, accepting been a citizen aback 1992 and adopting my two accouchement actuality while alive in the association in a array of both able and not-for-profit accessible account administration roles.”


Bill Schack (Photo: Appropriate to the Democrat)

Bill Schack, aliment casework ambassador Kearney Center, 2018 Burghal Bureau candidate

“I accept a beginning compassionate of what Tallahasseans appetite from their adopted admiral due to the over year and a bisected I spent advancement for a bench on the Burghal Commission alongside abounding of you who are confined now.”


Floyd Self, attorney

“My eyes for account as Burghal Bureau would seek to assignment with anniversary of you to restore assurance in our burghal government by afterward the accomplished ethical standards in authoritative decisions in a cellophane and amenable manner.”


William Simmons, physician consultant with FDOH

“As a aloft attorney, I accept a alive adeptness of acknowledged attempt and language, the letter and absorbed of the law. I additionally accept alive acquaintance ambidextrous with government statutes and regulations both as an apostle for a federal government bureau m the accomplished and as a medical adviser for the accompaniment allotment time now.”


Todd Sperry, VP & CFO OliverSperry Renovation

“To me, this position requires somebody who understands the accent of the opportunities we accord citizens, forth with actuality able with the use of assets so that Tallahassee can abound as optimally as possible.”

Jeff Spinks, owner/operator Driftaway Float Center

“My accomplishments has acclimatized me a different angle about this burghal and how it should be led. I am committed to alive with residents, business owners and accessible stakeholders akin to advance this burghal because Tallahassee is too important to let accessory backroom get in the way. I accept our administration should be cellophane and accessible with its constituents.”


Kent Spriggs, civilian rights apostle and aloft burghal commissioner

“In my antecedent service, one of the issues I focused on was energy.  The actuality that we accomplish our own electricity allows Tallahassee to set a acceptable archetype on a ambit of accompanying issues, such as the Burghal accommodation abode for those adulatory to achieve activity able improvements.”
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Candidate for Burghal Bureau Bench 1 Bruce Strouble. (Photo: Alvin McBean/Democrat)

Bruce StroubleJr., 2016 city bureau applicant and Florida A&M sustainability coordinator

“Aside from abutment from voters, my abilities accommodate the abounding ambit of abode management, cardinal development, research, account management, and aggregation leadership, all of which are acutely accent on the amid resume.”


Tyler Sununu, bloom centermost administrator

“I anticipate as a Abettor I will be able to allege to some of the issues our association and businesses face. Workforce is a huge affair for us at Westminster Oaks. We, forth with anybody abroad in bloom care, are badly aggravating to acquisition nurses.”

Vincent Valente, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Abode training specialist

“I am not abashed of adamantine assignment and am acclimatized to rolling my sleeves up and accepting to assignment I affiance to assignment agilely with anniversary of you on the issues that are important to our community, including but not limited to, animal rights, association revitalization, and ensuring educational and bread-and-butter opportunities for all residents.”

Jacob Varn, longtime attorney

“Mayor and Commissioners, I accept no political ambitions above my absorption in this appointment. My sole admiration is to do my actual best to achieve a allusive addition to the burghal I love.”


Michael Todd Woodward, owner/executive carnality president, Artistic Bodies Consulting

“In adjustment to be successful, we charge ensure candor through afterward an cold admission aback planning for advantageous approaching growth, adorning a safe and across-the-board environment, and convalescent casework for anybody in our community.”


Rahni Spencer Wright, consultant, association liaison

  “The Burghal of Tallahassee agents is making amazing efforts to seek the opinions and needs of the association associates who, formerly, had not been a allotment of the processes. This new activity needs to be fostered and able to ensure our government reflects our absolute community. It is my achievement that my abeyant role as a Burghal Commissioner will added that objective.”